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Comment to be added. If I cut you from my friends list and you think this was a mistake, tell me here.

Your comment should include at least one reason why you're friending me.


Looking for my writing? Try [ profile] smellyfic  before you friend me.
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-Feeling guilty about loving Dreamwidth so much.

-Hey everybody. I finally got an account.

(Pssst, don't worry LJ. I still love you!)


Ho Hum

Mar. 20th, 2010 04:09 am
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*uploads new icons*

*desperately tries to find things on LJ to use them on*

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Dec. 31st, 2009 03:15 pm
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-Paid account EXPIRED!



Feb. 27th, 2009 07:33 pm
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-Hey guys! Text me @ 3347972737. This concert is booooring
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  • 22:58 @agape_eternal awww, I'm sorry, bb #
  • 23:24 is thinking about writing some Phlochte... #
  • 23:34 @bubbaabbub Did Holmes not tell you that he and I are going somewhere tomorrow? #
  • 23:38 @iusedtobefree @bubbaabbub idk what he is doing, he won't answer his phone. He's convinced Holmes & I are in love or something #
  • 01:16 is gonna tweet her trip! Be on the look out! #
  • 12:28 is listening to a really good orchestra but almost falling asleep on Holmes. Also, very hungry #
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What would you do if you couldn't fail?
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-New layout.

[ profile] smellyleaf [ profile] smellyleaf [ profile] smellyleaf [ profile] smellyleaf [ profile] smellyleaf [ profile] smellyleaf [ profile] smellyleaf [ profile] smellyleaf

-I like it, but it doesn't show my default userpic in the topbar, which is something I like. so I was going to add it to the free text, but then I didn't know the HTML to do this. What I want is to have a working userpic, just like in-journal ones, which allows a link to the person's page when clicked and is hover-equipped and all that. I think hannah_sheree has used these before? When you did that list of favorite LJ people in your sidebar?

I really want to do this, any help would be awesooooome!


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-Eating lunch with my bros and my hos. Man, I hardcore miss my computer.
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BRB, ladies, gettin' my computer fixed. Don't cry, I'll come back one day.


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bedroom toys
Powered By Lovers Toy Stores

-I'm dropping out of school and becoming a professional private escort.

Yeah, you're just jealous.


stolen from [ profile] tod_hollykim 

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+New layout by [ profile] milou_veronica . Check that hot shit: [ profile] smellyleaf [ profile] smellyleaf [ profile] smellyleaf

+New PROFILE LAYOUT also by [ profile] milou_veronica


It's hot.

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-Okay, here's an entry I've been... avoiding... for a while.

Official friends cut.

Now that my Paid account is finally here, I'm taking the next step in my journal's security, which is an all over friends lock except for a couple tags which will remain open. I've pretty much been anticipating this day since I GOT my journal, and it's finally here. no more avoidance.

The Cut: A Breakdown

This isn't just a cut for you guys. This is an everything cut: friends, communities, feeds. Everything.

The Cut: How We Roll

The majority of you will not even have to care about this post.

Okay, a couple will. But if you're reading this and FREAKING or something, then we're obviously friends and I'll obviously keep you. So, haha.

A new tag is gonna pop up: public entry. These entries will be available FOREVERRR.

The Cut: Initiated

Okay, time for me to start snipping! After the cut, nearly this entire journal will go on friends lock, not that anyone left will notice, and my Friends Only banner will appear. Joy of Joys.


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Here We Go Again )

Icon Meme!

Dec. 14th, 2008 10:49 am
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Stolen from [ profile] cowcreamer .
Icon Meme (images under cut) )


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-Okay, no one really NEEDS any more reasons to love Ryan Lochte. We have plenty. But a picspam is always fun. If you've got Ryan pictures I don't have, add 'em in the comments cause that makes it funner!
VERY image heavy under cut )

Completely public because no one in the whole world should be deprived of Lochte.
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-Karima Adebibe was the OFFICIAL Lara Croft: Tomb Raider model for several years until very recently. This picspam is for those who don't stalk her quite as much as me. Huge images under cut.
Karima Adebibe Picspam )

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-OMG OMG OMG, I'm watching Fuse at this exact second and Loaded is on and it's the Lil Wayne episode and OMG OMG OMG.

So, Lil Wayne picspam, comin at you.




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